Need help with fleet

Hey guys
My questions is:
What ships do i need to beat the tier3 of ship ”money”?
Also is Darth Mauls ship worth upgrading and lvling up?
Should i upgrade the Tie Fighter ship at all?
I am struggling in the ships campaign, some challenges and the Executrics 5* event, that is why i wonder which dark side ships to upgrade to 5*?
Have a great day 😃


  • Waqui
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    Imperial Tie Fighter has its uses in an empire fleet but it's kinda niche. However, of the two I'd prioritize ITF over Darth Maul's ship.

    Separatist ships, TIE Silencer and HT are among strongest DS ships early/mid game. You will want to 7* the 4 bounty hunter ships to unlock Han's Falcon.
  • Well a simple if not helpful answer is any...if you build them and their crew up.

    Now being more helpful, since for ships with crew, much of the effectiveness comes from starring, leveling and gearing the crew. So there is a benefit to focus on ships with crew your happy to invest in or the crewless ships.

    Early stage no fleet comp has the synergy that the geos have. And the geos become a very viable squad for you if you get Brood Alpha. And they can unlock Padme who is the leader of perhaps the strongest squad that can be reached with the least investment. So the three geo ships would be my suggestion to make the core of your early fleet.

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