Very Basic Questions From A Very New Player

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Hello there!
These questions are probably answered somewhere here, but I've yet to find them. Could someone please help me by answering these and/or posting a link to the answers?
Thanks! :)

1. Can I only use the allies of people currently logged in?
2. Whose characters can I use as allies, exactly?
3. Can people use my characters as allies?
4. What do I need to do to let others use my characters as allies?
5. When I fight in the Squad Arena, are those players actually logged in?
6. How will I know if someone fights me in the Squad Arena? (I mean, can that happen if I'm not logged in?)
7. Is it wise to use Auto in battle?
8. What is a Patron?
9. Are guilds worth it?
10. What benefits do I get/give by being actual allies with another player?
11. Should I try to have several allies?
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  • 1. No
    2. You can use allies of those you request or send request to become allies with. i.e. at the end of a squad arena battle it will ask you if you want to send ally request to the opponents leader.
    3. Yes, if you accept (I think)
    4. I think you have to accept their "ally request"
    5. No
    6. You won't specifically, but you might see your rank drop if you've been beat.
    7. Depends where you are in the battle and if auto "works well with the characters AI". Make sure to get it "set up" how you want it. i.e. clicking specific target enemy or using basic auto only.
    8. Not completely sure
    9. Yes, good guilds are a must to getting specific gear, characters, and much much more.
    10. You can use more powerful ally characters to help you beat battles in cantina, mod battles, and normal (light,dark) mode battles.
    11. Yes, in the beginning game try to get powerful allies so that you can 3 star hard node battles and completely clear through sector 9 when it's available

    Hope this helps!.
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    8. Just a title
  • Thank you MrSender! :)
  • 6. Some Discord bots will notify you of a change in your arena rank
  • Don't underestimate the power of a good guild. Being in a good guild will get you crazy good rewards from raids, territory wars, and territory battles.
  • Get ONE seven-star character, and as soon as you have that first 7* character, or even a few days early, go find a good guild. Getting a good guild early is one of the 3 or 4 most important things you can do in the game.

    If you would like to be allies with me, I do have some characters that will almost certainly be more powerful than anything you have access to, if I can judge by the questions you're asking.

    Just click on my name, choose to send me a private message, and give me your Ally Code. I will then send you an ally request and at that point so long as you accept, you can start using one of my characters in each of the following modes:
    Light side battles
    Dark side battles
    Cantina Battles
    Mod Battles

    The character you can use is always the last person I've used as a leader in that game mode. So which one of my characters might change between modes, but it won't change from Monday to Tuesday in the same game mode unless I've actually gone in to play a battle by on that game mode and I chose a different leader. That rarely happens for experienced players since they have all the battles completed at 3* so they can just sim battles instead of fighting them by hand.

    Hope that helps!
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    Some more specifics:
    As said directly above, the character available to be used as an ally is the last character that player used in the leader (first) slot for that type of battle (e.g., light side, daily challenges). Once you use a particular ally in a battle, they go away as an option until their availability refreshes. If you have your own version of a character in your team, an ally with that character won't show up. You can usually fix this by picking someone and going into the character screen, taking that character of yours out and replacing them, then backing out and try going into the battle again. Borrowed ally characters will contribute their leader ability in addition to your chosen leader's.

    Guilds are the best way to progress, but not the robot starter guilds they put you in. Try going into the guild recruitment section to get in a good guild run by real people.

    A "patron" in this context just means a user. The conceit of the game is that you are playing holotable games in a cantina somewhere. So you are a patron of that cantina.

    Pretty much never use auto unless the timer is running out and you are so close to winning even auto can't fail as long as you beat the clock.
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