Swgoh and RAM usage

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Is this normal? Starts in the 500's then rises all the way to 1gb and higher? Maybe explains why people get crashes

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  • Rath_Tarr
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    Looks like a memory leak.

    Android device? If so, check the Google Play store for an Android Webview update. That fixed the sudden spate of unrecoverable crashing for me.
  • MikKro
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    Wasn't affected by the webview crashes, but post Conquest I've noticed the game lags more than before especially on longer sessions which isn't surprising if after 20ish minutes of random gameplay its using 1/3 of my total RAM.

    It doesn't crash for me, but people have been reporting more crashing post Conquest and if there's a memory leak it could be the source of it or one of them.
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