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Forgive me I'm a noob been playin for a month now.
I enjoyed swgoh up until I reached level 40 and opened up GW.
GW makes me wanna rage quit.
GW is too DIFFICULT for new players.
The more I upgrade the more difficult it gets.
Never finished GW since it opened up and I have to attempt it because I need Zeb to complete Phoenix team, yes I did my homework and read every guide about Phoenix and GW.

I have a few suggestions:
1. Add GW to hyperdrive bundle
2. Remove 50 win and level 85 restrictions from GW, if you finish GW only 1 time you can sim the whole GW
Pay with real money/crystals to open up GW and sim GW, you have a choice to "cheat" or do it the old fasion way.
3. Use strong allies to make GW a lot easier.
4. Everytime you finish a node you get buffs with the reward crate to help make the journey easier for example:

Heroes Attack Ratings +5% for every node win, max 50% (can be stacked)

Instantly kill all enemies below 15% HP

Enemies in node 2,6,9,10,11,12 start with reduced health and debuffs already on them.

Whenever your heroes deal damage, reduces the enemy Attack Ratings.
Whenever your heroes deal damage, reduces the enemy Defence Ratings.

Allies recover turn meter over time when HP >50%
Allies recover heals over time when Turn Meter >50%

If an enemy takes damage within the first 30s of battle, all other enemies will also receive damage dealt.

Increase turn meter for 30s

Does huge damage and stun all enemies periodically.
And last but not least
Heroes normal attacks are able to remove all buffs the enemies are using.

The above mentioned buffs last the whole 12 nodes.

P.S. I will gladly pay to open up GW to sim battles and get it over and done with.
SWGOH are supposed to be enjoyable not make you wanna rage quit.
If developer likes my idea to improve GW how long will it take to implement?
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  • You’re not meant to compete Galactic War right when you unlock it. It’s meant to be difficult for new players since completing it will be the ultimate challenge for them.
  • Its supposed to help you get better at fighting random teams, which in the long run help you with GC and Conquest.
    “But you know what I always say: Speak softly and drive a big tank.”
  • I do GW easy as a F2P player. you just need to invest in only a few squads at a time, not in all
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