Galactic War to difficult some suggestions

GW is too DIFFICULT for new players under level 85.
This is not enjoyable at all.
I have few suggestions that might help:
I will gladly pay real money/crystals to unlock the ability to sim Galactic War!

I want to use strong allies to help in GW!
Only 1 ally at beginning of war for rest of war but you still get ally tokens for every node won, seems fare.

Enemies in node 2,6,9,10,11,12 start battle with all debuffs on them and reduced health to even the odds!
Thank you and I hope the developers can implement some or all of these suggestions!


  • Huh, really?

    I'm a level 65 with a terrible team that is behind most players. Maybe it's just me, But I find Galactic War a great way to earn currency for Shipments and crystals for a stamina refresh.

    Maybe it's just me. I have an ok Phoenix team but it doesn't really meet up to level 65 standards and I don't even have a single 7 star. I even took out Chopper and replaced him with Fulcrum as my Chopper isn't that good at his job. My Kanan at 12,000 HP does a better job. All my Phoenix are at 5 stars besides Chopper and Hera, and Fulcrum is at 3 stars, because in my case, she doesn't pop up in Fleet Arena after getting her to 3 stars.

    Anyways, for the early Galactic Wars, I use a F2P Separatists team that Ahnaldt101 used for a video of his. Gets the job done and they're all at 4 stars. In mid-Galactic War, when Characters like Geo Soldier and Magnaguard die off, I'll replace them with Vader or HK-47. After my half-Separatists team is crippled, to the point where Nute is on his second life and Count Dooku is dead or something, that I'll replace them with my little Modified Phoenix Team. Gets the job done and it's a good team to use in Squad Arena.

    Hope you find this somewhat interesting and helpful.
  • Banr_05
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    Galacitc War can be hard for early players. I always ran an empire team that included palp, vader, thrawn, tie fighter pilot and grand moff tarkin. Vader is very good because of all the dot he applies, and having palp for bastilla led jedi teams can really help. Those were the teams I always struggled with. Also, use your lesser toons to take out the early nodes. You want to save your strong team(s) for harder nodes. This maybe quite a way off for you but if you get Vader's MM unique zeta ability, its a gamechanger. not only in GW, but in every other mode as well.
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