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    Hello everyone! I've removed a few posts from this thread. Please remember to keep things friendly and constructive.


    Not all heroes wear capes.

    Joz probably does

    Yeah, but that’s because they’re stylish.
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
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    Lol you guys play 3vs3? I just set all my top teams on defense, it's the worst game mode of this game, I rather do tier 2 of secrets and shadows daily instead of running 3vs3

    Do you attack? Because if you don’t attack, that’s kind of just throwing a tantrum to screw everybody that comes against you. If you don’t attack at all, you could be benevolent instead and set all your lowest teams so your opponents could do better.

    I do attack with whatever is left cleaning up 1 or 3 zones, but why would I let others enjoy something I don't? 3vs3 was fine where it was once every 4th or so GAC now it's every 2nd GAC, I will keep screwing people over like this till other players get fed up with 3v3 and they reduce how many we get.

    That's not how it works, not even close.

    Well what other option is there? 3v3 has become a plague
    3v3 is the GAC I prefer. 5v5 is stale as I face pretty much exactly the same defence every single round. It’s always different with 3v3 and I’ve seen some really awkward teams on defence that I’ve never seen before almost every round.

    I also like GAC because it rewards kit knowledge. When you see a weird lineup you need to know the interactions between the characters to figure out a way of beating it.

    So there is one other option, though I realise it isn’t for everyone - git gud!.

    I know my personal dislike for GAC has little to do with skill. I dislike GAC (3v3 or 5v5, doesn’t matter) simply because I don’t care for a month long event and the time required for participation. 13 battles each round for 3v3 is quite a bit of time for the possibility of 8 total zetas over the course of the month...the rewards don’t really meet the time sink imo.

    Though I am weary of GAC in general, for those that enjoy GAC, I am happy for you. I hope the mode continues for you and your enjoyment. I still join, set most of my toughest defense, maybe attack (maybe not), rinse and repeat for Aurodium or Kyber every season. Few enjoy my favorite event; there’s no harm in having preferences so I will not shame anyone for enjoying or disliking an event. That’s simply personal taste.

    I mostly just wanted to point out that equating “enjoyment” to “success” can be a bit of a fallacy in some instances and being told to “git gud” doesn’t help in these cases whatsoever. There’s no amount of skill that will magically make me enjoy the mode.

    The majority of hard counter teams can be autoplayed. Set up, auto, phone in pocket. Not a big deal. I set up like that all the time. Especially when I have taken out critical teams. Then just drop in R7 CLS or whatnot and auto. It is far more time consuming than other events.
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