Fix the game freezes

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A second freeze in 2 days! Once in TB, once in Gac, costing me the round. This is ridiculous, if you can't fix the freeze, find a way to recover the battle. I play solely on my phone, it s not a emulator issue, it s your gamen8304uztzear.jpg
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  • 100% agree. This has been going on too long for mere incompetence to be the explanation, it can only be deliberate.
  • I guess I'll get ahead of the moderators and check that you've submitted a bug report over at Answers HQ. Just tack it on to one of the 1,000+ post threads over there...
  • Normal cg bugs... And when you sent a ticket they only say "did you try to open and close application?"
  • Not game freeze, but I’d also like to tack on the game crash issue from Conquest update on iOS. It’s been a month, please fix!!
  • The amount of crashes since the last update have been crazy.... I personally have been very fortunate with the timings so far but many of my guildmayes have not.
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    Get your act together CG
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    Please report and discuss all bugs and issues at Answers HQ
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    Try some fixes I suggested.
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