Kit idea for Jar Jar Binks

I came up with a kit idea for Jar Jar Binks. I'm surprised that he isn't in the game yet. BTW if you saw this on the swgoh reddit, thats because I put that there too.

Basic: Deal special damage to a random enemy and attack 1 extra time for each debuff on himself. Jar Jar has a 50% chance to stun himself, apply speed down to himself, and take 10% of the total damage of this attack.
Special: Jar Jar takes damage equal to 30% of his max HP and 2 random allies gain protection equal to twice the amount of HP Jar Jar lost. Cooldown: 2 turns
Special: Jar Jar has a 25% chance to immediately defeat the weakest enemy and expose the second weakest enemy. If this fails, Jar Jar applies stun, stagger, tenacity down, and buff immunity to himself. If this attack succeeds, Jar Jar gains 1 heal over time for every negative effect on himself. Jar Jar clears all debuffs on himself and gains foresight for 1 turn.
Cooldown: 5 turns
Special: Jar Jar instantly dies and all allies gain speed up, defence up, tenacity up, and heal over time for 5 turns.
Unique: If Jar Jar gets revived, all allies lose all their buffs, gain 50% turn meter, and all their cooldowns get reduced by 5.
Unique: Jar Jar has a 60% chance to remove all debuffs from all allies and apply all of them to himself every turn.


  • I feel like stunning himself would be something that Jar Jar would do. That is a nice kit, granted it would be a little annoying if he was stunning himself
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