Gungans forever!

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Hello, This is JMSonny-Lee1 and this is my opion with arguments.

When will the Gungans (Jar Jar – Captain Tarpals – Big Boss Nass – Gungan Warrior etc.) be introduced in the game? They deserve to be in the game and the respect that comes along with it.
SWGOH is a awesome game with both actual real star wars characters as fake star wars characters. Because the Gungans play a major role in the prequels and are real star wars character, they should become part of this amazing game. There are other characters whom play no role or a tiny role in the star wars movies and they ended up in the game, so why not the gungans.
I hope they will be realized soon! Thank you in advanced!

Let me know what you think about the absent of the Gungans in this game.
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