Galagtic conquest sandbox mode.

First at all thank you CG that you have make so much better in this year, by giving us something to play each day.

It would be extreamly nice that if first sector of galactic conquest challenge would not have any special modifications.. and those teams we face should be a bit more same like what we face in CAG and TW.. so after we compleate that war, we could use rest of time/energy by testing out our own new ideas..

Now as there is not many places to test anyting, most of players just copy every idea from other players.. and there is not much anything to test new ideas, as othervise you may lose gac round because of that, and not many guilds like any testing during TW either.

Second idea how you may make galagtic conquest better is to make disk removal free.. (and if you like make it cost if you put disks on your team) in that way, after we compleate the war, we could just remove all the disk and use it as sandbox. Also if you make to put discs in, to cost some conquest energy, (and not removing them) it can affect in game that if you are ”better” player and wont need to use any disks you get bit more that conquest currency, what eventually affects how top tier players like to this game to be.. competive.


  • You also can make somekind point system / ranking that game mode, that we get more points if we dont use discs in those fights, then there is additional benefit to try again all those already played missions as players like to climb and competite who is the best player in the world.
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