Few months into an account, loving the game but I could use some help

Hey! I have decided to make this post because:

1. I am somewhat in a need for help, I really do not know what to do.
2. I am close to unlocking Guild Events, so I could use some extra help and what to do there.
3. I am very slow at getting currency to get shards at the Shipments center.

So first and foremost, my progress.

I am level 64. My main team I use for Squad Arena is Phoenix, where I have Ezra, Kanan, and Zeb at 5 stars, while I have Chopper and Hera at 4 stars. For Fleet Arena, I use a pretty bad lineup in which I could gain some help: Executrix, Phantom II, Geonosian Starfighter, and TIE Silencer, with Imperial TIE Fighter as a reinforcement. As for Hard Node Battles, I am in no way shape or form close to Bastila and Jolee, which isn't good. I am far away from what many people would consider to be getting into very good characters. Though a good thing is I am close to unlocking the battle for JKA Shards.


I would say I have ok characters though. I have just unlocked Fulcrum from the Fleet Arena store, at 2 stars, in which tomorrow I will (hopefully) get her to 3 stars. I do have a 4 star Darth Vader. I have Ben Kenobi, at 4 stars. I also have a Separatist team, consisting of Dooku, Nute, Poggle, Magna, and Geonosian Soldier. All at 4 stars. I am slowly working on the First Order team. At this moment, I have both TIE Pilots, KRU, Phasma, and the Stormtrooper. All characters I deem to be "good" or "useful" are always immediately geared up to Gear 6. Sadly, I just realized my mistake of not focusing much on LSB and DSB, meaning it's hard to gear up characters to gear 7 and up because I do not have much access to purple gear, unless it's through shipments. Since my fleet is bad, it will be a bit until I unlock Hard Node battles for Bastila and Jolee. Although, on my grind for LSB 5-C Hard, I have come across some battles that give purple gear.

At this current moment I need help and reccomendations for

1. What characters or ships to get next
2. What to use for Arena
3. Help for what is to come down the road
4. Am I doing ok? I know it is a bit below average but still...
5. Should I be going for First Order? I have heard it's a great team to play as a lower level

If you've read all of this, I appreciate it. If you reply, I appreciate your support.


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