Game crashed during Wat Mission



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    Deany123 wrote: »
    Am sure plenty on here would soon change the tune if it happened to them and they missed out on having a 7* kam for another month... OP has the right to complain and expect something to be done about it. People saying just deal with it and accept it happens are imo wrong to say so... many players pay premium prices towards the huge profits this game generates... CG should be held to account when instances like these crashes occur

    Maybe not the best example. Everyone I know who has KAM finds him useless/underwhelming.

    He is not. He is actually a pretty hard-hitting dmg dealer.
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    You guys can’t just sit here and believe it’s just a normal little crash. I crashed a total of 20 times in one day. That never happened before until these past updates. The average I crash is about 5-7 times a day. You can’t be a billion dollar game and crash this much.
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    Are you guys on older devices? Other than switching apps and going back to find SWGOH logging back in, I haven't had an in-use crash since the update.
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    Certainly not 20 in one day. That's absolutely your device.
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    The crashes are being addressed as best they can in a series of future updates. Please see the announcement.

    Other bugs and issues should be reported to Answers HQ.
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  • I love people who write "it happens, devs don't need to fix it, take it as part of the game", lmao, do they even pay you lol
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