**RHAL 380M GP CRancor/GEOTB guild 30 KAM & 40+ Wat shards but still have a Life!**



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    We have an opening after LSTB for you!
  • TK421_VT
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    We have an opening for you!
  • TK421_VT
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    We have two openings and are waiting for you!
  • We want you!
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  • We have a spot for you after TB!
  • We have a spot for you!
  • We have a spot for you!
  • https://swgoh.gg/g/40251/rhal/

    RHAL (Really Have A Life) is a Crancor/TB focused Guild in the WWL (We With Lives) alliance. We are only running Geonosian TB and are currently getting 32 stars DS/28 stars LS.

    Guild Requirements:

    - Minimum 500 tickets daily with 600 preferred

    - Synced swgoh.gg profile

    - Discord chat app and active communication required

    - Roster ready for Challenge Pit andTB/TW teams. Must have GLs and a successful Shaak ti/clones team for the KAM mission (or strong considerations), working on standard Geonosis TB teams including Seps, Geos, and Brood Alpha as well as GR, Clones/ARC Trooper, and Jedi.

    - Mandatory TW participation for guaranteed Droid Brains!!

    Guild Events:

    - 32 :star: in Geonosis DS TB, 40+ Wat shards

    - 28 :star: in Geonosis LS TB, 30+ KAM shards

    - Challenge Rancor - 12 pm ET, 4 pm UTC.

    - HSTR: 3:00 pm ET/7:00 pm UTC.

    - US based Eastern time guild reset 6:30 pm ET

    We are a part of the WWL (We With Lives) alliance. A great group and community, always willing to help you out even if it isn’t game related. We do understand that people have lives, so you won't be removed for minor issues. If there is a problem, let us know. Leave of absences can be arranged. Many of the Alliance members have been playing for multiple years and are all willing to share knowledge.

    If this looks appealing to you, find us on Discord https://discord.gg/nSvbMwS3
    and we can chat.
  • Where are you, we are looking for you?
  • We are looking for you!
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