DSGeo 3/27-4/2

Has anyone noticed something weird going on this TB. You can't even really call it RNG, it's more like extreme power fluctuation. Example I have 2 accounts. 1 is considered fairly strong and I get 4/4 relatively easily and Wat I can auto. Today Phase 3 I went 4/4 GG 3/4 DR (Malak got 1 shot to start 4th phase) 3/4 Palp Sith team and Wat mission ! had to take it off auto to win as my Geo Brute got downed stupidly fast by the solo attackers (was keeping the aoe people ability locked). The other account not as strong but usually gets 3/4 on average and can clear Wat with ease. Averaged 2/4 and FAILED my Wat mission for the first time in almost 8 months. Same thing that happened to my main account but they followed up and were able to 1 shot Sun Soldier and Spy before I could summon another Brute. Weird thing was that this was all done by SINGLE attacks not AOE.


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