New Character Kit Reveal

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UNIT NAME: Admiral Piett
CATEGORIES: Dark Side, Support, Leader, Empire, Imperial Trooper
An ambitious Imperial Officer who supports his allies while plotting their demise


Basic: Intensified Firepower


FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and call another random Empire ally to assist. Allies with Inevitable Failure are called to assist.

Special 1: Imperial Ambition (Cooldown 4)


FINAL TEXT: All allies gain Offense Up for 2 turns and Admiral Piett gains Stealth for 2 turns. Inflict Marked for 2 turns and 3 stacks of Inevitable Failure on target other Empire ally until end of battle or that ally is defeated, and remove Inevitable Failure from all other allies. These debuffs can't be copied, dispelled, or resisted.

Inevitable Failure: Gain 1 stack when using an ability or receiving damage from an enemy; when defeated, grant Admiral Piett the following bonuses based on the defeated unit's stats until the end of battle.
  • 1 Stack: 5% Max Health (stacking)
  • 10 Stacks: 20% Max Health and Max Protection (stacking)
  • 15 Stacks: 50% Max Health, Max Protection and Offense (stacking)
  • 20 Stacks (Max): 100% Max Health and Max Protection, 300% Offense and 25% Speed (stacking)

Special 2: (ZETA) Suborbital Strike (Cooldown 5)


FINAL TEXT: Dispel all buffs on Light Side enemies. Deal Physical damage to all enemies and inflict Daze for 2 turns. Allies with Inevitable Failure gain 2 stacks. If this attack defeats an enemy, inflict Fear on all enemies for 1 turn and allies with Inevitable Failure gain 5 stacks. This Fear can't be copied, dispelled, or resisted.

Leader: Zealous Commander

FINAL TEXT: Empire allies have +30% Offense and Potency. Light Side enemies have -30% Tenacity and -15 Speed. When an ally with Inevitable Failure critically hits an enemy, they gain 1 stack of Inevitable Failure and Defense Up for 2 turns.

Unique 1: (ZETA) The Emperor's Trap

FINAL TEXT: Admiral Piett has +60% counter chance. Piett gains 5% Turn Meter whenever another Empire ally takes damage.

Whenever an Empire ally begins a turn or attacks out of turn, all Empire allies gain a stack of The Emperor's Trap until the start of the next enemy turn, non-Empire ally's turn, or the end of battle. The Emperor's Trap can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented.

If Darth Vader is an ally: Darth Vader and Admiral Piett have +20% Accuracy, Potency, and Tenacity.

The Emperor's Trap: +6% Offense and Potency per stack


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