Nihilus lead in Galactic Challenge

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Does anyone know if the health steal counts towards the feat? I’m done with stupid feats like this and don’t want to deal with Malak RNG for 10 minutes doing basics without killing. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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  • Jefferx
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    One is working is palp lead with malak and wat. Put health tech on malak. It’s working with 5-7 minutes
  • flux_rono
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    health steal doesnt count
  • Vendi1983
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    1 - no health steal.

    2 - character actually needs to heal for it to count. Drain Life on a full health Malak grants zero towards the feat.
  • Jefferx
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    Well, i did it as of many friends of mine with this. The tricks is palp lead where sith get 20% max health every debuff he applied. Malak applied tenacity down on basic. It’s not easy but working well. You beed to kill JTR and BB8, then let finn, holdo and poe alive. Finn give enough protection to save them from dying. You just auto basic with malak. After 10-15 turn, you kill finn because his second special can kill malak since damage increases overtime.
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