What makes JML + Wat work under Bastila lead?

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I've been trying to find anything concrete to see why this team works. From my understanding of using Wat with other teams, such as Padmé for fun, etc, Wat only regenerates 30% of your protection. Key word being *your*. 30 out of 100% of your character's max protection.

Bast's prot up is a buff, though undispellable, much like Padmés. It's a finite extra barrier that prevents damage. While you have it on, it gives you 35% increased damage and 150% extra ten.
Now, Wat makes JML regenerate 30% of his base protection and dispell debuffs when he takes a turn.
So if JML has a base protection of 100.000, he'd have 300.000 upon start from Bast. Right?
If SEE deals 50.000 damage a turn, and JML regenerates 30% = 30.000. 50.000-30.000=20.000 damage per turn presuming equal speeds.
100.000+base health / 20.000 = x number of turns.
300.000+base health / 20.000 = 2x number of turns.
Does that make sense? So the only way SEE would *never* beat that JMLS team is if JML regains prot > SEEs damage output a turn.

I've tried to find videos, but they only show it working, not why. But from what I see, it looks as though Wat regenerates 30% of JMLs max protection - taking Bastila's buff into account? Meaning 90% of his max protection a turn, instead of the normal 30%?
Is this a bug? Would this go away if he is stripped of protection and enters normal territory?

I guess my question is, why Bastila lead? Why not JKR or JML. The way I understand Wat's tech interaction with buffs like Prot Up, it shouldn't change anything. It should only give him a bigger buffer before they start laying into his base HP pool.

Could someone smarter than me explain, please, because I'm about to bald myself over this!


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    Wat's tech is regenerating Prot Up, Bonus Protection and regular Protection - that's why. That's the same reason why people put Hermit Yoda in the mix as he can do the same. And to make it even more redonkulis you can add Armorer now.
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    Ajnlocke wrote: »
    ...Is this a bug? Would this go away if he is stripped of protection and enters normal territory? ...

    Yes it goes away after the bonus protection goes away. Fighting a Basty lead JML with my JKR lead JML, I save JML for last and have to auto to get battle done due to how much hes recovering, its takes a good min and a half to get through it, but it can be done.
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