Order 66 Raid “fan concept”

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The idea of this post is just me putting my own thoughts of a raid together.

The concept of an order 66 raid has been something that I would thoroughly enjoy and decided to write about it after seeing a video by AhnaldT101.

I have two general ideas.
1) going by the big standard 4 phase encounter.
Phase 1:
Enemies- Count Dooku (Boss), Asajj Ventress, and two B2 Battle droids.
Background- malevolent Observation deck, chancellor palpatine sat in the chair.

Phase 2:
Enemies: General grievous(boss), magna Guards (two)
Background: Utapau hanger.

Phase 3:
Enemies: Darth Sidious (Boss)
Background: Big Glass window, Red Room.
Ally: Mace Windu.

Phase 4
Enemies: (option1): Commander Cody and an endless Horde of clone troopers.
(Option2) Dark Side Anakin
Backgrounds: 1:Utapau. 2:Mustafar.

A new full story based raid.
Consisting of 10 separate phases, each phase completely different again with two options
(1) focusing on the story of the revenge of the Sith, the raid will follow the light side with the guild fighting off hordes of clones with unique and individual leaders that alter the abilities slightly of the other troopers.
And again the final phase being against a dark side anakin.

(2) this is a slightly more alternative view.
Following the Dark Side of the story.
Phase 1 will be the guild fighting mace windu, Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar, Saesee Tiin.

Each of the phases will be the hunting and extermination of the Jedi Order and those that escaped.
These will include Jedi such as plo koon (yes I know the film shows him being killed in his star fighter)
Aayla Secura, Grand Master Yoda, Ki-adi-Mundi, Kenobi , the slaughter of the younglings, Adi-Galia

The shard reward could be anything to be honest but I think a dark side Anakin would be a good Fit.

As I mentioned this is purely fan made and I will add to the concepts as I go.

First addition.

Raid bonuses:
, Galactic republic.
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