Just started playing need basic info/help

Hello I just started playing this game yesterday and have been upgrading my characters levels, about 7 of them at level 21 with 2 of their traits upgraded once also.

I also have clicked on upgrade under my characters and their gear gets destroyed, I assume the stats get added to the character because I see green text with stats scrolling up when I do this.

I am this new, do I have to farm maps that I have already beat to farm mats for more gear, and how do I upgrade the star level of the characters, I have a few shards like 2 ot 4 for each character but I need like 25 or more.

So as I am going along, is it the right way to upgrade by "finding" parts in game that are linking to maps Ive already cleared. Or does chasing gear like that at such low star level just waste time?


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    Google and YouTube are your best bet for now. It is important to build the right characters especially when starting out. This is a resource management game, so when you give resources to a toon that means someone else didn’t get them, so you want to be at least fairly sure the char can help you, preferably long term. You started yesterday so for now you can just play around, but still
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Thanks for for the reply, I checked out what I could but I cant find out how to unlock the characters that are best.

    I'm dumping a lot of resources to level Chewbaka, and farmer Luke. I figure to unlock more characters I'm going to use them in the harder battles to grind for the better squads. I suppose a cash investment could benefit and speed up the process; but the prices are out of my budget for a game on my phone, you know "sorry honey were not paying the hydro this month I need character upgrades." that would go over well. Ill just grind away for now, I'm having fun with it with the few characters I have now.

    Also just a post thought, the forum for new players is full of advanced theory crafting I looked over the first few pages and couldn't find basic things a real newb needs to know, I thought at one point people were giving out there phone number as it turns out its an ally code, anyways thanks for the reply.

  • At the earliest points in the game, your focus should be on Geonosians and Phoenix squad.

    The Phoenix squad, however, is most useful for their ability to unlock Emperor Palpatine and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Those 2 characters don't come into their own until much later. Thrawn not before level 78 and Palpatine not before level 82. Logically, then, you don't need to have Phoenix squad until those levels.

    Geonosians, though, are a huge advantage in Fleet modes - both Arena and the Fleet Battles which are incredibly useful for farming rare or hard to get toons. Fleet opens at level 60.

    Since level 60 comes before level 78 or 82, my approach is always to go Geonosians first.

    So right now in Cantina battles you should be farming Geonosian Soldier or Geonosian Spy.

    Your regular energy should go to farming Sabine Wren & Poggle the Lesser.

    Because regular energy nodes -- unlike Cantina energy nodes -- have a limit to the number of times you can farm them before you have to spend crystals to continue, just 2 characters is not enough to use up all your energy every day. So you'll also want to add some more farms to regular.

    You want all the ships that don't have pilots as soon as you can get them. Vulture and TIE Bomber are available at relatively low levels, so they have to go on your list.

    You also have to plan for winning Galactic War, and your key to doing that is a collection of Jedi led by Bastila Shan. So Bastila + certain other Jedi should also be top priorities for you.

    There are a couple of other toons that can also be farmed very early if you need to use up more energy on a given day.

    Range Trooper (on dark side battles node 3A) is one of those.

    But honestly, you're early enough in the game that you can more or less follow the plan that I made for another player, GMan. You should start your search for more information by reading that thread.

    You can find that right here:


    Please read as much of that as you can, because while there are specific lists of things to do in order for each battle type and each store, there's also a lot you can learn from the general back-and-forth.

    Remember that each type of energy gets its own plan, as does each of the "stores". Try very hard not to invest in characters that aren't part of the plan.

    If you're read that other thread that GMan started and you have more or new questions, feel free to ask! Good luck, and have fun.
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