Should I 7* these for shards?

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So I have a few chars that have a lot of shards (from bronziums) to easily make them 7* and excess will go to shards.
But I wonder is it worth at my GP? Or is it better to use the credits elsewhere?

Jedi Consular 263/100 so 163 excess
IG-100 192/100 so 92 excess
Royal Guard 388/85 so 203 excess
Ewok Scout 472/65 so 222 excess

What do you guys think?


  • Kyno
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    The GP implication of going to 7* is minimal. If you find yourself short on gear available in the shard shop and dont always have currency, yes you should do it.

  • Unless they are in the top end of your roster, taking them to 7* will do you no harm at all
  • UdalCuain
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    Don't you have 222 extra Ewok Scout shards?

    You are sitting on 10,200 shard shop currency, or 164 Stun Gun salvage. In short, yes convert them.
  • UdalCuain wrote: »
    Don't you have 222 extra Ewok Scout shards?
    Yeah, forgot a 2. :) Edited
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