Would $100 get me SLKR

With what i have with FO would 1. $100 get me enough material etc to finish pre reqs for slkr and activate him. And 2. If it’s enough what would u spend that cash on to get him ?wwt91ztycqkn.png


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    If i spent 100$ where should i spend it and would it be enough for me to activate slkr (as in gear up what FO i have left over including relics
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    If i spent 100$ where should i spend it and would it be enough for me to activate slkr (as in gear up what FO i have left over including relics

  • Probably not. You need a LOT of relic upgrade materials
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    Not even close.
  • 2smooth
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    It might take you from g12 to g13
  • 2 char still not 7* , 4 still not G13, so 9 without relics requiered.

    You need lot of shards ( even if you buy it all , you need some days i think ) , G12+ are like 6000 cristals or something like that and you need 4x3 = 12

    You need LOT OF relics materials, depending on your stock and your luck when you farm it ( at least some weeks )

    And after you need to do the event , You need event ticket, won with dark side battle ONLY after event unlock, and you iwn like 1 ticket per hard battle , and random tickets per normal battle. btw you need like 360 tickets ( i don't remember ) Then you will unlock SLKR :D

    If you are pure f2p you are like 2-3 months until you unlock SLKR, and btw SLKR need thousand ( literraly ) of gear materials to upgrade G13, and some zeta but it's maybe the easiest part

    Good luck bro , but 100$ is like 5% to unlock SLKR i think XD
  • He’s got no relic stock, as none of the R1 toons have the red dot on them.

    I don’t know if the devs intended to do it, but the GLs and their requirements have made it pretty much impossible to achieve anything meaningful with a “small” cash injection.
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    The g12+ gear alone would cost around 300 and that's just 2 gear pieces per character. Add the other g12, finishers and sub g12 gear. Probably 1000 just for his requirements
  • Save the $100.00. You're still a couple months away. Assuming your Vet Han looks like FOSFTP
  • Nope. $100 would not get you close to unlocking him. $100 might take your characters up to gear 12 or 2 of them that are already higher to gear 13.
  • mariogsh
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    Not even close

    You're still some months away from him

    I got the requirements on 4 months, but that were thanks to havign ~500 crystals income per day, would be a LOT more without them

    Still, need the tickets like people above you have told you, I think I'll unlock him on ~10 days with 4 refreshes of energy per day

    No need on wasting those 100$, that would only help you maybe to get ONE toon from.G12 yo G13 lol
  • If you post it a 4th time maybe.
  • LordDirt
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    $1,000+ Away
  • Not even close. A thousand bucks and you could be cutting it close. You're better off just grinding patiently.
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