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Hey there! We are an alliance of 4 guilds (please see the poster below for more information on all 4 guilds) there is no enforced movement or forced farms. As we are actively recruiting I will post here every day with what spaces there are. If you would be interested in joining come and have a chat on our Alliance Recruitment Discord Server:

Teminus Est - EST guild reset, 230m GP, GEO TB.

Nightsisters with Attitude - 5.30pm GMT guild reset, 148m GP, DS GEO TB and rotating LS TB.

The Falcons N3st - 5.30pm GMT guild reset, 60m GP, Hoth TB (sometimes DS GEO TB)

The House of Mortis - 6.30pm GMT guild reset, 34m GP, HPit, HAAT, T5 Sith (Heroic during TW) Hoth TB.

The top 3 guilds are all Heroic! Our discord server is active 24/7 where there is lots of help and advice.

If your interested hop on our discord and have a chat! If not we wish you all the best.5wrsqdg94wik.png
Officer in The Falcons Nest & The House Of Mortis, from the This Is The Way Alliance! Join our Recruitment Discord:
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