Heroic Guild Looking for New Members | 181M GP | Geo TBs | Wat Shards

Knights of Pendragon – looking to recruit active members to participate fully in every way every day
GP: 181M
42/50 Members | https://swgoh.gg/g/25263/knightsofpendragon/

KoP is a chill and fun guild that welcomes all players in search of joining an active guild of grinders with goals. We are presently striving to add to our strong active core of members (25) in order to reach these goals together.

We are a player friendly group. We are focused, not a dictatorship. We don’t micromanage in anyway. We are laid back and love to play the game and share information for every members benefit. We value team cooperation and always respect one another.

What KoP is about:

*Good times. Above all, having fun and a great time playing the game you love while making progress with chill mates.
*Active participation. We understand every day can’t be about 600 tickets.

KoP is NOT about:

*Disrespect, drama or derision. We are a community of positive vibes and nothing less.
*Micromanaging activity or progression.

Raid Statuses:

*Heroic Rancor – This was the goal. Simmed rewards presently.
*HAAT – Reached our HAAT goals too. In rotation with 24hr zero damage in effect. No damage cap.
*Heroic Sith Raid (HSTR) – Reached this goal under 100M GP, testament to our ability to hit the mark.

Preferred requirements:

*At least 3.5M GP and one HSTR phase team or Geo TB squad. This is the minimum requirement. Flexible.
*Active daily playing and consistent TW/TB entry and participation.
*The goal to grind and go hard as AMF with some chill MFs.

Basic Guild Info:

*42/50 Players | 181 Million GP | Ending in 22* DS Geo TB | 11* LS Geo TB |120-4 TW Record

We want to kick it up. As you were.

(Discord) RomanPasseo#9398 [Officer] Roman Passeo 144-145-974



  • Looking to fill the spots open presently. Have room for a group or a small merger of sorts. Eight spots open room for possibly ten. Hit me up to discuss. Chill laid back indie guild that's competitive and going over three years strong.
  • Still looking for new members. Hit me with a DM or on Discord if interested or have any questions. As you were.
  • Room for new members. Hit me up here or on Discord for a quicker reply.
  • Still have room for new members. Drop by on Discord, DM directly there or drop me a note here. Let's get it.
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