We badly need more defense slots in GAC 5v5

I am a 6,5M GP player, 2 GLs. I really like GAC.
I was wondering if CGs plan to increase the number of defense slots in GAC 5v5.
A lot of new teams (GLs, beskar, MM...) arise since the beginning of GAC and no modifications in that defense.
In D1, it’s reaching a point where someone that keeps his 3 GLs + 4 good teams (gas, rebels, dr, empire for example) literally walk through your defense no matter how good that defense is.
That tendency has been increasing lately and It ruins all the efforts of farming and setting a good defense. I think, it might end up ruining the interest of GAC 5v5.


  • Agree 100%. Haven't even really put in the effort at all lately in GAC and used to be favorite mode. It has become stale with amount of teams needing to be placed.
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