Death Watch Gauntlet Starfighter

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Here is the kit for the Death Watch Gauntlet Starfighter. I hope you enjoy the kit, and feedback is welcome.
Unit Name: Death Watch Gauntlet Starfighter
Tags: Dark Side, Support, Mandalorian, Death Watch
Description: Defensive Mandalorian Support that buffs allies and debuffs enemies.
Crew: Pre Vizsla and Death Watch Commando
Basic: Death Watch's Vengeance:
Deal physical damage to target enemy. If they are debuffed, inflict Ability Block for 1 turn.
Special: Pre Vizsla Gear Tier XI: Glory to the Death Watch (Cooldown 3):
All Mandalorian allies gain Offense Up, Speed Up, and Protection Up for 3 turns.
Special: Death Watch Commando Gear Tier XI: Kom'rk-Class Fighter (Cooldown 4):
Deal physical damage to all enemies and inflict Buff Immunity for 3 turns. If they are already debuffed, all allies gain Critical Hit Immunity for 2 turns.
Reinforcement: Glory to Mandalore:
All Mandalorian allies gain 50% Turn Meter and have their cooldowns reduced by 1.
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  • Sebek
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    Looks gpod, but ability block on basic should for 1 turn, not 2. Also why do two specials give the same buff?
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  • Xcien
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    Good point. Let me fix that.
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