game has been randomly quitting for some time, and now during GAC

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Is it worth reporting more game quits? They've been happening since conquest- just immediate quit to home ios screen. Normally it has happened after winning a battle or in the shipment screen. But today, it quit to home screen right after I pressed the battle button to attack a fleet in GAC. but it still counted the battle so I got a lost battle and lost the use of that fleet.
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  • The devs created a post saying that they've noticed more crashes & were looking into it.

    IIRC they also seemed to think that either there was more than one cause or that for some reason they wouldn't be able to fix them all at once even if they had the same cause - like they were going to institute measures that would fix some but not all of the crashes.

    Obviously I'm not privy to what's going on at CG, but they did say (or at least strongly imply) that there would be multiple fixes rolling out over a period of time to address the issue of increased crashes.

    For me the game loves to crash right after I open it. That happens at least 2 x per day, and I open the game about 8-10 times per day, so... the percentage is pretty darn high. And that behavior is also new.

    I don't get many crashes during play, though. It crashes while already open about 2x per week. It hasn't cost me any rewards yet, though. The closest it came was crashing 2x (on the same day) during last TB immediately after I killed the last enemy of wave 4/4. I got no victory screen, so I was worried it might have lost my Territory Points, but when I reopened the game and checked my TP were listed (and the amount was for the full 4/4).

    As it is, I'm mildly annoyed, but I can afford to be patient as long as I'm not losing rewards. Hope they fix it soon, though. I'm sorry you ended up losing battles because of it.
  • For some reason, I never have crashes. Don’t know what it is. I sympathize with you.
  • Game crashes all over the show, randomly and sometimes affects rewards for gac, raids (hstr), and both squad and ship arena. Never shows error code these days.
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    I believe its a memory leak.
  • For some reason, I never have crashes. Don’t know what it is. I sympathize with you.

    sme here. Well I get the '24 hours or logged onto another device' notification after only 3-4 hours since last opening (and only playing on 1 device).
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