Best place to find Mk 5 droid caller?

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Some gear are extremely scarce in this game and I get this is a game of resource management but what’s your best source of the mk 5 droid callers? I’m lucky if it shows up once a week in any of the shops and it doesn’t seem to be farmable with energy anywhere? I’ve resorted to buying them for crystals if they show up in the weekly(?). But it feels like an inefficient use of crystals.
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  • All you can do is keep currency to buy them when they pop up, you can get them as rewards sometimes as well.
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    You are extremely unlucky if it's only showing up in the Guild Events store once a week.
  • I guess I miss out on the store refresh during the night, but other than that I keep an eye out for them and they just don’t show up enough. I’m hoping they add them to be energy farmable in the future.
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    GAC store
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    There are certain items - such as this - that are only in the guild store - this is what you want to spend your currency on.

    Some items like eyeballs are available via energy, but the value is decent in guild store so I buy those as well.

    Try to focus on the items that aren't quite as farmable everywhere else as opposed to things like Stun Cuffs which are all over and event rewards etc.
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    Yep, buy from guild store.
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  • Thanks for the feedback. I’ll continue buying them in the guild store whenever they pop up. And hope for more luck in the rotation.
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