Training droids are never awarded correctly

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I've started to keep track of all droids I get, and the number I see in my inventory NEVER matches the number the after-battle screen I supposedly won.

I have 0 droids
After a battle I see I am awarded one 3* and three 2* droids
I go to train my toons and I see I have one or two 2* droids.

It happens after EVERY Single battle - main table, cantina, Galactic War, - everywhere. Basically, we are getting less than half of the droids we think we get.

Could the devs please take a note of this? Droids are scarce to start with but we're getting even less than we are promised.


  • Just did cantina battle, light side battle, dark side battle and GW round and it adds up for me. You sure you're not mixing up the stars with the amount? It's a worthless answer I know but it seems too weird.
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