30 day event

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Was hunter suppose to be around for 30 days?


  • I think they designed it that way so you can test out all the bad batch in the event when they are finally released. A mini "sand-box" mode we've been asking for for years now.
  • Will it last more than hyperdrive bundle? 🤣🤣
  • Maybe there is a synergy between all of the Clone Force 99 Events. The event seems to finish shortly after May 4th so maybe there will be another level in all the CF99 events after you get them all, hence the long duration of the event.
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    28 day long Marquee? This intentional? I hope so. I think that we should have a section in the Journey guide for new players to get old marquees. Think that might help new player retention.

    Yes this is intentional! We wanted the Marquee events to run this whole month. If anyone is returning to the game then they will get the chance to earn them all. Plus the min level req is much lower than usual at lv 30 so newer player have a shot at getting them unlocked by the end of the month

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