Uh? Changes?

So, I have been lurking here keeping up on dailies.... Enjoying my box filling with max characters.

Today I see we have new materials that are yet unavailable... Awesome.

I also see now that Dooku is adding a crazy evasion bonus. How do I take videos now? I want to show what's been happening with Dooku led teams.

So, staying away from these boards.. Just lurking and playing the game like a single player game... Which it pretty much is.

Where did this change with Dooku come from? I didn't analyze the patch notes. But I didn't see it in there?

Anyone else beginning to dread updates? And wince when the client restarts?


  • Dooku was bugged and his leader ability at lvl 7 didn't work for a long time. It was fixed last update before the level cap raise. There was no announcement about it.
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  • Amalthea
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    Dooku's leadership fix was in the March 15 patch notes. Statistics suggest that it's working as intended (about ~7.5% innate dodge change + 15% Dooku dodge).
  • Mittens
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    I believe there are good android apps to video. For iOS, if you have a MacBook, just plug your phone in it, open QuickTime, record new movie, change screen and mic to your phone, and hit record. It's really easy. If you don't have a MacBook, then I don't know.
  • DrewN76
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    I have a iPhone how do you record? Haha... Been wanting to show a video of how I am doing.

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