GW is it normal on level 65 to fight level 85


I'm looking for advice.
I'm level 65, my top team Phenix is still on level 63 and I have to fight with all those peaceful guys on my 6th battle- just 20 levels on the top.
I have no idea how on the earth that happened and is like that whole week -if I go till 9th fight I'll be lucky.
Even my suicide squad and my second team are no more effective.
I'm just wandering what kind of algorithm is behind I mean is that normal?

I will highly appreciate any advice.


  • crzydroid
    5975 posts Moderator
    Yes, it's normal for the battles to get more difficult as you go on, especially the purple nodes. You are not meant to beat it everyday at early levels. Once you expand your roster, it will become much easier.
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