It’s time for changes on GAC and TW!



  • Absolutely necessary change! Give us more strategy based gameplay in TW, maybe some zone type objectives?

    Also bizarre that a 5.5mil account will be #1 in Division 1 but doesn’t fight opponents with 4 GLs and faces rosters that it’s easier to obtain feats.
  • Totally agree!

    Streaming 250 fights only in TW (and doing only 2 fights at a time) is boring. The community (MAW) needs more.

    About GAC : every previous post was right.
  • Jaybee
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    100% AGREE. We need to expand the TW board and GAC boards. I also think we need to look at the brackets. This is long overdue. Would be nice if CG pays attention and addresses something we actually want.
  • Yes! Totally agree!!! Currently the TW & GAC are the most important game modes for veteran players. Especially for those players with GP > 7M. Please CG have some upgrade on these game modes.
  • artusa
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    Yeah, TW maps with bonuses and modifiers maybe.
  • Boomer8800
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    There's no profit in any of this for CG to care about their player base. Remember when they said this new platform version would make it easier to design and change things? Prove it.

    1. Randomize the matchmaking in TW from the current predictable rotating schedule.
    2. Keep the opponent hidden in the fog of war until attack day, make guilds place a defense based on their strengths not on who they are playing against.
    3. Add more zones and teams to be placed based on guild GP size
    4. be allowed to mix zones with both ground and ships
    5. Have a guild obstacle somewhere (maybe start or middle of map) that all members must hit/defeat before able to move on in the map
    6. bring back faction(all factions, not just meta) bonuses
    7. why not add some of those GC modifiers to TW
    8. Add data cards to TW that affect guilds rosters
    9, Here's a big one, UPDATE rewards, zetas are not what they were. new mod slicing gear and R8 pieces should be added
    I can go on, but come on CG lets work on these and more QOL stuff. Quick trying to milk us for $ all the time.
  • alexnikkel22 Absolutely agree 10,000,000,000%!!!!! Not only is the content stale but so are the so called rewards?! And for top guilds it's very time consuming as well, and to put that much time into something without any support really sucks.
    Just my 2¢ :#
  • I agree. What once was my favorite mode has become auto deployments.
  • Valeran
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    I agree. There should be some sort of rules regarding GP and Galactic Legends too. I enjoy strategizing against stronger opponents in GAC, however, I have only SEE and last time my opponent had GL Rey, JML, and SLKR with a total of 300k GP more. It was literally impossible to beat that player in 3v3 aspect and I don't like when I don't even have a slim chance to win.
  • 200% agree
  • 1000% agree
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