Get-DRevan Team Assessment Request

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Would welcome your assessment of my get-DRevan team. Crouching Rancor shows my Carth, HK, and Juhani are not ready gear-wise. I'm also eager to hear your thoughts on truly necessary Omegas and Zetas. Thank you in advance.
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  • I would keep going. You need them all at gear 12/13 for Malak anyways.
  • Artumas
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    I mean, I did it with a G11 BSF, G12 HK and like G8 on everyone else other than Juhani, who I think was like G10 or so and then ended up being significantly overgeared imo.
    Mods, strategy and grinding for decent RNG felt like it mattered a lot more.

    BSF and HK you want geared for use on DR's team anyway, so significantly gearing them isn't a waste in any way, and arguably more useful than the other 3.
    That said, if not zetaing, you need everyone at G12+ to unlock Malak. Due to actually wanting to zeta them, BSF/HK/DR can be significantly lower geared, but G12 on Carth/Canderous/Juhani is necessary.

    All that said: The event is open 24/7. It's not a matter of "do you think I'm ready", but rather a matter of "how much are you willing to grind RNG until you clear each mission" - Just throw like 5 attempts/day at whatever mission you're stuck on until you unlock him. Also helps you figure out which chars actually need to be improved.
  • crzydroid
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    Juhani's not only the least important for the event, but the least useful over all. You will need the others at least g12 to meet the power requirements for Malak anyway. My Juhani's still gear 9.
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