Crumb and Doja Fett Collaborate with Operation Metaverse for Trivia Show Shenanigans

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

Crumb and Doja Fett partnered up with Operation Metaverse to answer a few trivia questions (some based on your responses to the Solicitation for Topics of Interest post). This is the first of a series of releases from OM that will feature additional questions and answers in future streams.

To add to the intrigue, Operation Metaverse will be giving away some swag in association with the livestream event. A trailer with more details can be found here. Be sure to fill out the trivia responses to qualify. Please note, Capital Games are not responsible for conducting the trivia game or the distribution of any related prizes or winnings therefrom.

I'm hoping this event -- along with other platforms and entities -- can become a more regular occurrence for getting community questions answered in a fun and interesting way as Crumb and I work to broaden the ways in which we engage with the players. We'll also do our best to utilize the "Solicitation" forum post, which I started in the hopes that opportunities like this would arise, so we can further address those topics over time.
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