suggestion: global Capital ship changes

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Right now Capital ships have a role of indestructible leaders and to win a battle and players should destroy ships in the meantime
My suggestion is to make it more of a fleet battle and change priorities. Closer to BF series and other games. So here's my proposal:
  1. Make Flagship a focus of the fight, and not the ships
  2. 3 parts that ships players have to damage: bridge, hull, engine
  3. Destroying each part completely locks an ability of the ship (special, ultimate, basic)
  4. Boost Flagship's overall damage. So special may do massive lethal damage to ordinary ships, even destroy 1 per turn.
  5. decrease ordinary ship's HP and protection, but make them reusable during fight (destroying a ship means he can't be used for some time, but you can summon him again, unless completely destroyed)
  6. Flagship can summon ships each turn.
  7. Make Ultimate fearsome, so they can wipe nearly all ships, or damage another flagship's part, so everyone needs to be prepared and think how they use their squad to destroy enemy.
  8. with Holdo's maneuver flagship may be changed for something primitive and destroyable until any unit remains


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    This is certainly interesting, but this is a change to the game mode, not the capital ships. Not sure how likely this would be to happen.

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