Relic 8 pack

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I remember every month there a relic 8 pack for sale. This month no? I want to relic the bad batch toon.
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  • I think they’re on backorder...
  • JWH
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    I just posted about this, too. I’m hoping CG helps us players who want to maximize our rosters while they earn the sale. And I see the character packs all the time but the infrequency of leveling those characters to a decent relic level without packs is counter productive.
  • Would kill for some R8 Aeros right now
  • I came to this board to start a thread about R8 gear but I see there are already a couple of them.

    I don’t understand why gear packs are only available at limited times? I need a R8 Boba for the Executor event but the R8 pack was not available for purchase all weekend. By the time the Executor event comes back around I will have earned the R8 material through Crancor.

    So, I guess I should thank you for allowing me to save $50?
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