Dark Side 5-A

I noticed something over the last three days of being in 5-A. I will reduce the enemy side down to just chewie. I will beat on him until he is just under halfways health and then it starts. He takes two-three consecutive turns and somehow always manages his self heal repeatedly. Now if it were say the 3/4 cycles it takes for that ability to recover there would be no issue. However after spending the last few days watching the pattern, that is how it looks/works. It almost looks like he does a taunt and right afrer does his self heal taunt. Its kinda funny to watch because he kinda turns to the side and looks like he is having one hellofa yawn. Anyone else seen this? Mind you there is no one else there with him so no buffs to account for it.


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    Can't say I've noticed, I use Sideous so ;)
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    I finally beat this the other day. It's very annoying for sure. Fortunately I am not after Ima-Gun Di so I didn't have to 3-star it.
    - Kill Lobot first, and fast. Or else.
    - Unlike usual strategy, do NOT kill the minions before Chewbacca. It's when he is by himself that he goes berserk. Use lots of AoEs, and try to stun Chewie as much as possible.
    - Having both Daka and Talia helps a lot with this mission. So does Darth Maul.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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    Ty. Sounds like exactly what he does. And I went about this fight like any other. Appreciate the info.
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    what are AoEs?
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