1000 Arena purchases for achievement reward is too high

Even if you are ranked in the top 200 in the Arena and receive 700 arena credits. Add 100 arena credits from completing daily activities. You can make 2 purchases a day. Having 200/1000 Arena purchases and needing 800 more, that would take at least 400 days! Is there another way to gain Arena credits that I don't know about?


  • Sparrow
    517 posts Member
    If you rank number 1 you can get it a little quicker......

    Sorry not helpful i know. Best i can say is that it is supposed to be a long grind to get those vader shards (i assume thats what it is) Truthfully though the sad thign si those who found the exploit to get extra vader shards all got to keep them, so they wont need to grind.
  • If you ranked first everyday it would only take you 290 days...haha. I don't mind a grind, but better than 10 shards and 50K credits for something taking around 1 year of play.
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