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Good afternoon, I am a Russian player of star Wars galaxy of heroes, I have been playing for three years, today when you log in, your account is blocked, Russian technical support does not help, all hope is in you, I do not violate the rules of the game, I play honestly, I only transferred the account to three devices, but this will not happen again I promise, I hope you can help :)
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    I can name some reasons why you could've gotten the ban hammer with what you said (if I believe it)

    1. The transfer of accounts to a different device could've marked it as a buy/sell transaction but this a very slim chance. If you have your account is linked to Google/Apple store or Facebook you wouldn't have this issue. Will admit in my ignorance not sure if Facebook is in Russia but I believe it is.

    2. You bought the account which is bannable

    3. You're hacking/cheating.

    You said you only transferred this account to 3 devices like how? This right here plus the rest is a bit sus. I Don't know if EA has a Russian technical support or you talking about some other Russian technical?

    Either way this thread will be closed once a moderator hops which I'm going to link them.


    Edit: wrong advice, get ahold of CG_LucifersDaddy
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    Wrong advice. It's not support they need to talk to. EA Support cannot assist with banned accounts.

    OP, you need yo send a private message to CG_LucifersDaddy here on the forums. to discuss your account. They can get quite busy, so it'll likely take him a while to get back to you. To send a PM. use the envelope button on the bottom of the screen on mobiles, or the link in the top right on desktop.
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