How good are speed mods???

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I'm finally tsorting out my mod heap and I'm trying to understand which ones to keep.
Ive been leveling every mod enough to see all its secondaries and I keeping all speed secondaries and speed primary arrows.
Should I keep all speed secondary mods regardless of how big the speed secondary is, or should I only keep it if it starts with 4+ speed? I've tried looking it up but theres a lot of contradiction
Also is it worth me keeping anything other than speed mods seeing as I'm not even max level yet?
And with grey mods is it worth me discovering all their secondaries, cus thats milking my credits dry
Soz if thats too many questions but my uni works easier than understanding these things
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    In the early game, yes hold onto anything with a speed secondary, no matter what color, and no matter starting value. That is how you can build a good base and start working up from there.

    Yes be mindful and careful about credits, but it's a balance you need to keep in mind because mods are very important to the future of your game.
  • Cheers man, that helps a lot
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