Grand Arena Champion Division Changes Update

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today’s post on Grand Arena Divisions changes did not provide enough clarity around Promotion feats. After some investigation due to your questions, rewards from Promotion feats are also being adjusted as part of these changes. Players will receive either the same amount of rewards or slightly more than before the Division redistribution. There may be some clean up and minor changes to the rewards but the core gear (such as MK V Stun Guns) will remain. Overall your rewards from Grand Arena should remain approximately the same, both from end of event rewards and from promotion feats.

The goal with these changes is to provide a better matchmaking experience in Grand Arena Championships and continue to stretch the roster requirements at the top end as rosters continue to grow. You can find the original post here with the rest of the details.

The Division redistribution and these reward changes are not being released with Grand Arena Season 17. These are likely to occur in Season 18 but this is subject to change.
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