The Republic Yavin as a rare spot open!

Hello! Due to a recent retirement, we have one spot open. We’re only looking for competitive, active, growth focused players. Jump on this opportunity to join one of the fastest growing guilds in The Republic.

LSHOTHTB - 37 stars / 32 ROLO shards.
DSGEOTB - 12 stars / 10 WAT shards.

TB - 29-6 lifetime

hPIT & hTANK sim’d
hSTR rotating 9am & 9pm EST.

Requirements -
1.5m GP minimum.
500 daily tickets (600 preferred).
Contributions in ALL GUILD events.
Consistent daily activity.
WAT ready Geo’s preferred.
Discord. account.

We’re a VERY active and competitive guild for early to mid game players that are focused on growth, results, rewards and having fun.

To join -

Tell the greeter your there for Yavin.


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