Need some advice on where to focus!

Ok so I got the hyperdrive bundle in Feb and I'm very happy with my fleet and arena. What I'm not happy with is I'm basically useless in raids and TWs and TBs. What team after empire should I focus on?



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    For Separatist Might I'd recommend getting the Chimaera, keep building your HT and start building your separatist ships for the fleet missions. Geonosian ships are also great if you wish to stay on top ranks in fleet arena. Geonosians (all 5) and separatist droids are great in Separatist Might and are required for some of the missions. Once you unlock Traya the Sith triumvirate is great too (Traya, Nihilus and Sion). Night sisters do well too and until you begin seeing solos in hSTR they are great there as well for phase 3 and 4 (Talzin lead zeta, Asajj, Daka, zombie + 1 for TB. Replace zombie for paper initiate and add JKA for hSTR).

    If you're going for a GL I'd recommend going for SLKR first since he's required if you wish to solo hSTR and also great in TB (and squad arena).

    I wouldn't recommend building teams for LS Hoth TB specifically since at some point you will move on from there to Republic Offensive (LS Geonosis TB). Padmé, JKR and 501st teams (GAS/Shaak Ti lead) are great in Republic Offensive.
  • I was thinking more along the lines of shoring up teams i already have but I see your point on the geos, I need to stay competitive in fleet.
  • So I also bought HDB (in Jan) and seem to have gone a similar route that you did, focusing on that Empire squad as your main arena team. My Vader is g5 but the rest are all similarly geared to you, and I have been top 25-30 daily. I wouldn't really put much gear into them anymore except for probably trying to take Vader to r5 or r7, and modding him so he is faster than all other Vaders in your shard (aim for 260+ speed). That will serve you long for a long time even if the rest of your team isn't at relic level.

    Then you should decide what you want to focus on next. The problem with HDB is that while it gives you a lot of characters at g8, none are really for great teams. But, you do get a ton of resources that you can pour into farming up those great teams.

    There are many paths you could take, but I'd strongly suggest farming up all 5 Geos and taking them to g11/12 and putting the zeta on GBA lead. This team will then be able to get you into a guild of 150m+ gp that is doing DS Geo TB (and probably LS Geo as well). The Geos will also be super solid for things like GAC and Conquest.

    Then, they will allow you to unlock Padme so you can build towards her team. You already have Ahsoka, GMY and JKA at decent gear levels. Then you will be able to get GK from your guild and have that full squad, who can be used in TB/TW/GAC giving your 3 really good teams.

    For Fleet just keep doing what you are doing for now, get that Bossk to g12 and HT will be super tough. You will go with this mixed fleet for a while, but since I suggest getting a Padme team above, I would recommend to aim for a GR fleet. So start farming JKA's Eta-2 ASAP as it will be key, you already have Ahsoka's ship 7* and you can get Umbarran/5s to 7* pretty easy. You can also start farming Plo's ship.

    If you follow this path, you'll be gearing the pilots already for Squad so they will serve double for your fleet, and then your aim would be to start saving GET2 currency for a Negotiator.

    The fleet arena rankings will feed your resources to allow you to do this fairly quickly, and while gearing the Geos starts from g1, they will be worth it in the end.

    I would just highly advise against trying to go for a CLS team and Rebel fleet this early. While it may look like you are close to unlocking these characters after HDB, you will pour a lot of resources into them and in the end really only have 1 good team (I went this route and if I had to do it over again definitely would not).
  • You could also go Geos in fleet as Robre said, but as HDB I would advise against it. Geo fleets I think are better suited for full f2p, and I would recommend the GR fleet instead since your goal after Geos would be to go for that team (and to take them to higher gear levels than you would Geos) and you have many of the ships already 5* following HDB

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