SL Nomads 500 million guild Top 10

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***501 M gp***
__***PvP guild***__

-All GLs Required
- 450 6e mods
- 120 +20 speed mods
- 35 + 25 speed mods
-Nomads is looking for key TW players with a good attitude towards the game and competition
-We stream new TW counters & help learn together. We get on voice chat and help others out.
-We’re competitive. Rearranging of mods will be needed and heavily assisted with.
-You will need all the conquest characters up and running.
-33* LSTB with 40+ Kam shards.
-33* DSTB and 50 wat
-We rotate sith and Cpit
-Sith 2pm and 9 pm east coast times
-Cpit is 3pm and 10 pm east coast
-8 pm sim east coast.
-you get assistance to all aspects of the game to make sure you're getting the most you can out of your roster.
-We can get you on a mod farming plan if you need help improving on your mods.
-We can help you get the most out of your datacrons

Stop by the server if you're interested and match the criteria.
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