Why do you punish players for building a team?

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I have been playing for a month or so and the one thing that I can’t understand is why GW , for newer players, is so hard.

What is the point of making it impossible to complete most days?

GW is NOT a relevant part of the game for anyone that has been playing for a while so why do you handicap the new player with the scaling system for GW?

The resources for completion are nice and needed by any new player, I mean this game is 5 years old.

I don’t mind working for something but it should be about building up to complete a task, not about the higher you build the harder the task gets.

I have a 75 Phoenix team G8 and modded and several days running I get a full level 85 Jedi team that basically wipes me without even getting a chance to do anything....that’s fun...NOT

I have watched several videos and the jist is either cheese it when your really low level or build multiple teams up.

Again I ask why is that necessary for a 5 year old game.

GW should reward you for building a team, not punish you.

If the intention is to get me to spend, I can assure you, game mechanics like this just drive me to quit playing ( and yes I do spend but not to complete a broken mechanic ).

Needed to vent...

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    One month is still VERY early game. Yes, multiple teams will help you, but that is your ultimate goal anyway, and you don't need to spend to do it.

    The other thing is what mods you have. Make sure you have the right sets and primaries, certainly, but also having really good speed secondaries will help immensely. It does take some time to get up a nice collection of those.

    The difficulty of GW does cap around level 85, so eventually you'll start to find it incredibly easy.
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    The scaling is what makes GW both a challenge and a training ground for new players. Both the scaling as you progress through the 12 nodes and the scaling as you develop your top team. You can complete it most days - but probably not every day. If it was much easier it wouldn't be the same training ground.

    Once you reach the cap (or get to sim at level 85 - 50 completions) GW becomes too easy, boring and uninteresting.
  • It's a Galactic War. A single 5-man squad is not expected to win an entire Galactic War on their own in the early game; you have to expand your roster to succeed. Strategize team management to hit the hard nodes with your best squads primed for action. Some days it will be painful and you will fail. War can be like that. You will get past it.
  • Thanks all for the replys.

    While I understand the whole “ it’s learning the teams “ idea and I agree I have had several fights I’ve had to try many times to beat and I’m ok when it’s a fair fight, I don’t mind that and enjoy the challenge.

    It should not be my level 74 team vs. full level 85 team of Jedi’s with a Bas lead. No amount of strategy or trying will make any difference when they literally one shot any team I try. That is just **** poor match making period.

    Especially when it’s the last node to clear GW for the day. It’s just plain insulting to match a team that can’t be beat by the rooster I have.

    I realize that at some point GW will be in the rear view and nothing but a one button sim, it doesn’t change the fact that it shouldn’t be an impossible task for a little bit of loot, which for a new player makes a huge difference. It’s an old old game mechanic that only frustrates the new players.

    Just look at the amount of post about it’s the main negative when starting new....why make it so frustrating...for what purpose?

    I’ll get through it eventually but I stand by my statement that the difficulty needs to be lessened, even if you beat it everyday, it still takes almost two months to complete, that’s enough time to spend in one area of the game, it doesn’t need to take three to four months. If you haven’t learned about the teams you fight by two months....then you never will.....

    Thanks again for the feedback :)
  • Today is awesome, at sixth tier, which is supposed to be a slightly harder matched power team, I get a level 85 full Jedi team with bast. lead and Yoda, Anakin and my level 76 Phoenix team gets obliterated. Slightly harder my butt. This match making is a joke.

    I mean on other days I get very beatable teams at this node, they are a notch up from the first five teams but beatable with a couple of attempts.

    Terrible game design as indicated by the number of post on this garbage.

    Do they want me to delete this game, it’s like they are trying on purpose to get me to rage quit and I don’t think I’m too far away at this point.

    Starting from scratch on a five year old game puts me way way way way behind most players and I desperately need the resources from GW to help me level up at a decent pace. I don’t need to get 200 fricken GW tokens vs 1200 because of **** poor game matchups based on a broken design. There is Zero reason to have GW, on a 5 year old game, to be this impossible to clear on so many days.

    Wake up Capital Games and change this old and broken design so you stop running off people who are just trying to enjoy the game.

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    Starting from scratch on a five year old game puts you on the same level as everyone else who started at the same time you did, which is all that matters.
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