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Hi Holotable Heroes!

Wrecker, the resilient and dauntless commando of Clone Force 99 has joined the Holotables!

This extra large genetically engineered soldier protects his Clone Trooper and Bad Batch allies with a ferocity and strength that few other clones possess. After taking damage from his enemies, Wrecker turns his Fury into a new undispellable buff, Furious, which boosts his abilities with additional effects.

Wrecker’s large stature and demeanor means he is not particularly suited for sneaking around and there are few words he hates more than "stealth". In battle, whenever Wrecker gains Stealth, he dispels it and gains Taunt. Wrecker would much rather rip enemy droids apart with his hands, use another droid as a melee weapon, or just blow the whole thing up. "Quiet" is not part of this clone’s vocabulary.

Unlock Wrecker in the all new Marquee event: Clone Force 99 III

The Basics:
  • Wrecker is the Tank of the Bad Batch in terms of kit and character.
  • His kit is designed to create a roadblock for the enemy team that prevents his allies from being harmed.
  • Wrecker is a very resilient unit, his high base Health and Protection combined with his Unique, Dauntless Commando, provides him with a significant amount of survivability.
  • His kit also has multiple ways to gain Taunt which allows him to be continually protecting his team.

Unique Attributes:
  • Wrecker has a unique ability to charge up with Fury and eventually become Furious for 2 turns.
    • A stack of Fury is gained whenever Wrecker takes damage or uses the Special Ability, I Hate That Word, and at 10 stacks, he becomes Furious!
    • Furious can’t be dispelled and gives all his activated abilities additional effects.
  • Wrecker can’t gain Stealth by himself but interacts with characters who have Stealth and when he is granted Stealth.
    • Hunter and Tech can grant Stealth to Wrecker and their Clone Trooper or Bad Batch allies which Wrecker can use to gain Taunt and then use his Special Ability, I Hate That Word, to gain 1 Fury for each Stealthed allied and enemy character on the battlefield.

  • From watching Season 7 of The Clone Wars, Wrecker likes charging into enemy lines and drawing attention away from his allies. It’s pretty clear he is the tank of the group.
  • There are multiple scenes that reveal Wrecker’s incredible strength such as when he lifts an entire ship by himself to help Cody get free of the wreckage or when he charges forward using a massive armored door as a shield. We clearly needed to capture his extreme physicality in his animations and his kit.
  • Wrecker is a raging berserker in every sense of the word, he charges headlong into gunfire and grabs whatever is closest to use as a club. Sometimes whatever is closest is an unsuspecting B1 Battle Droid who gets the living (robotic?) daylights knocked out of them as they are used as Wrecker’s weapon to smash the rest of their droid buddies.
  • He’s very physical with his attacks and prefers to use his fists, but Wrecker does occasionally use his gun. His basic animation has him firing his DC-17m blaster rifle but with a bit more reckless abandon than the rest of the Bad Batch crew.
  • Wrecker is a fairly easy going clone but he does hate one thing more than anything else: stealth. “I Hate That Word” references the scene with General Skywalker where they need to approach a droid ship quietly, but Wrecker eventually gets to have his fun and in the end, he blows up the whole thing.
  • While Tech is the master of a “Delicate Operation,” Wrecker couldn’t care less about subtly and has a few snide remarks about Tech’s plan as we mentioned in his Dev Insights. Wrecker’s kit is anything but subtle.

Strategy Tips:
  • Unsurprisingly, Wrecker best fits into a squad of Bad Batch units, but he can be useful in a more general Clone Trooper squad.
  • Your main concern when using Wrecker is when do you want to trigger Furious. You’ll want to plan your turns around gaining Fury at the right moments in order to unleash Furious and the additional power it provides Wrecker when he is under its effect.
  • Besides the Fury/Furious mechanic, you want to keep Taunt on him as much as possible so he can protect his allies and take the hits for the team. Luckily this can be done in a variety of ways:
    • Whenever an ally tries to give him Stealth
    • Whenever he gains Furious
    • If you are out of the other options, Wrecker gains Taunt from using his Special Ability, Wrecking Ball
  • Wrecker doesn’t need much extra Health and Protection to be a tough target so we would suggest modding him for Tenacity in order to keep debuffs off him.
  • Don’t forget that his Special Ability, I Hate That Word, can be used in a pinch to keep the squad healthy.

  • At the start of battle, Wrecker gains 1 stack of Fury for each Clone Trooper and each Bad Batch ally from his Unique, Dauntless Commando. Which means he can begin combat with 9 stacks of Fury (just 1 stack away from triggering Furious) if you have 4 Bad Batch units and 1 other Clone Trooper in the squad.
  • Wrecker gains 1 Fury for each stealthed character, then dispels Stealth from all enemies when he uses Special Ability, I Hate That Word. “Each stealthed character” means both allied and enemy units are counted by this ability.
  • Both Fury and Furious are locked buffs and can’t be dispelled.
  • Wrecker can become Furious multiple times in a battle - once Furious expires, you can start gaining Fury again.
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