Okay kind of new here but what is with all the farming?

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I am kind of new to this game. I enjoy it partially cause fun to make Star Wars Heroes and some strategizing. But I am confused with the massive, ridiculous amounts of farming required to get anywhere. I am guessing this is an incentive to get people to spend money but seems like it is more prone to drive people away than generate revenue. As someone who does spend money on games sometimes I feel like the cost isn't worth the reward, nor is the amount of repetitive time it will take to progress anywhere. Anyway, game is kind of fun but I have found myself farming for 2 hours a day and still moving at a snails pace and from what I have read elsewhere it will get even more agonizing as I try and level gear. So, again my question is why is this the game strategy?
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  • Have you looked around in this section of the forum?

  • It is likely targeting those with massive disposable incomes that don't want to grind out a farm.

    There is really not that much of a difference between free to play and someone that has spent 10K over a few years or so.
  • So then how does a new person ever catch up? Or can they? Sounds like the ones that have put in the years will never be reachable.
  • Alot of these games are hard to "catch up" on if you didn't start at the beginning of the game or spend alot. You'll always be on par with people around your GP but spenders will always have an advantage.

    This isn't the only game that does it, Disney Arena is way worse on the microtransactions and getting you to spend. Summoner Wars the OG of these games I havent been on that in awhile but I bet you wouldn't be able to catch up to the end game players without spending some major cash. I can list many games, ALOT of mobile games thrive off this. That's the point of them being free to play.
  • Like I said I have played multiple free to play but have never seen the farming requirements quite this high, granted I have never played any of the games you just mentioned. Maybe the problem is the long farming times turn me off on certain F2P games and others which don't require so much I end up giving money too. I guess as it feels it actually progresses me some.
  • There niche type of games. Mainly played when you got nothing else to do in the day or really like these types of games, they get alot of attention based off IP or not. Like this game is star wars/ toon collecting so it attracts both of those type of people
  • Will you ever catch up?
    Nope, never
    Unless you spend probably millions (not a joke)

    Will you be competitive? Yes

    I resumed my account on late 2018, 4.7 million GP, one GL unlocked and I can get to top 5 on both arenas with people that have over 8 million GP
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    Kingfish wrote: »
    So then how does a new person ever catch up? Or can they? Sounds like the ones that have put in the years will never be reachable.

    It's not really about "catching up," as all the PvP events will be against people in about the same place as you. You can also choose to get in a guild that's in the same place and progress with you, or even ride the coat tails of a larger guild if they just care about your raid tickets. It may be a little longer before you're at a point where you can unlock the newest great characters right away, but it also won't necessarily matter that much.
  • Some key points about this game, both in regards to itself, and in regards to other mobile games.

    Firstly, every upgrade in this game is permanent.
    Unlike the general "Gacha game" market, where 90% of what you get is powercrept within a couple months to the point of being useless, you'll still generally find at least some use out of every character and team you invest in for many years.

    Secondly, progress is a lot more personal in this game - You're not competing against EVERYONE, you're competing against your shard, your guild, and the people that you get matched with in grand arena.
    Shards are based on when you reach a certain level - Provided you're active, you'll stay quite competitive with this group. You're not going to be put in a shard with someone that's been playing for 4 years as a new player.
    Grand arena is based on GP, both total and top, which means the majority of matches will be within a very small margin of where you're currently at with your roster, just with different characters, teams, etc. depending on who invested in what. Again, in grand arena, if you're at 1M GP, you're being matched with others around 1M GP, not with someone with a 7M GP roster.

    Guilds are a little more... varied. Guilds are entirely player-run, so you CAN get into a guild with extreme GP variance between the top and bottom players - My own has a couple sub 1M GP people and someone that's in the mid 6M range. However, you can totally find a guild that consists almost entirely of people around your progress.
    "guild wars" (territory wars) are based on "approximate GP of the players that joined" - If you have 20M GP join, you're going to face another guild with around 20M GP joined. This is pretty much the only mode where you can see the extreme variance potentially negatively impact someone, as you could theoretically have like 1/4 of that 20M GP taken up by 1 person, who's roster is going to be completely untouchable by their opponent. But despite this being possible, it actually tends to not happen all that often.

    The 1-85 grind takes... honestly probably too long at this point, but once you hit 85 progress smooths out, and you'll make a decent amount of progress every day towards whatever you're interested in.

    I'm a completely free to play player - I've been playing for a couple years, and I'm generally happy with the state of the game. It's completely possible for me to compete in everything, I get new content done relatively quickly and consistently, and I rarely actually feel like I "need" to whale on anything to compete with anyone else.

    However, it DOES take a long time to do anything.
    But honestly, so does any other major mobile game.
    I actually spend less time playing swgoh than I do "trying" to play any other mobile game - I've tried just about every other "big name" out there, and while I can usually be done after an hour, maybe 2 at most on the majority of days with swgoh, all of the other ones are like "spend 8 hours straight farming this event" "spend 20 hours rushing through the story just for a chance at having a decent account" "save up for 8 months just for a non-guaranteed chance at getting this new meta unit that'll be relevant for all of 3 weeks"

    I'll take swgoh's long-term farming over being forced to play a F2P mobile game for 12 hours/day to make decent progress any day of the week.
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    as said above, "catch up" isn't really a thing in your arenas, as you all started at basically the same time. So you will need to keep pace with those others, but it's not like you will have to fight someone who has been playing for years and has a ton of people built up
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • @Artemus wow what a nice detailed answer. I appreciate it.
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    Welcome to the game, if you enjoy the combat and long-term strategizing, you'll fit right in.

    There's a lot to do and that's one of the great things ^^
    Melders is recruiting!! All daily Canadian players welcome, just join in-game! 200 mil GP and rising!
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