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One of the things some regular forum users (myself included) keep asking for is an FAQ, a place to send new or senior players that ask a question that is posted here on a frequent basis.

I have some free time at the start of next week and would like to try and put an FAQ together to help the player base answer common issues or misunderstandings that arise in SWGoH.

I'm asking for questions in this thread that users of the forum see on a regular basis. Examples include, "Why is character X only dropping one shard instead of two?", "What's going on with Rebel Roundup assault battle rewards?", "when will character X return?" and "where is the best place to farm GL tickets?".

Please post any questions that you regularly see here, and if you have solutions that's great, post them too if you want. I imagine there will be a fair bit of linking to Dev posts and quoting myself and other members of the community.

This post is created to aid the development of a resource to help players. As such, if you want to use it to have a dig at CG or as a platform to complain I will politely suggest that you jog on and make your own thread.

If forum users could "like" any question suggestions that they fell appear regularly it would help me see what the priority should be in terms of making it into the FAQ.

Once questions are gathered the FAQ will be put together in a separate thread to keep it all tidy. Any answers to questions here that I put in will be brief, to keep track of where the response should be focused, and will be expanded upon in the FAQ.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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