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Hi guys, sorry if this is the wrong area, I haven't posted ever I don't think as I have not needed to. I have some problems I am bewildered as to what has happened. I have been playing swgoh for some years, spent a decent amount on the game and about a week away from my first gl. I opened the game this morning as I do every morning to say my account has been banned due to repeat offences. Now I swap my login from Nox on my computer to my iPhone and iPad around a lot during the day depending on where I am. I have had my PC compromised and it said I need to change 75 of my passwords recently so I was in the middle of doing that this week, would that have anything to do with it? Someone getting hold of my account? Repeat offences though? What did I do wrong? Haven't changed my routine since I started the game. Please could someone help me I really like this game and I am in a guild that are cool so I would really appreciate the help. Thanks.


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    Also I have a DSA account using with both iPhone and Nox and that is fine I checked right away.
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    Can confirm, as a guildmate, he's done nothing wrong, same thing every day, log in, do chores, arena, fleet ect ect
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    You will have to send a private message to CG_LucifersDaddy.
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