There’s just too much different music

So I love the music in this game. It’s Star Wars music, so of course I love it!

The thing that drives me nuts though is that every menu or event has different music. Main cantina, ship cantina, events, character menu, stores, grand arena, etc. all have different music tracks. Which is honestly fine.

I think the main problem is if I’m in the ship cantina listening to the live band, and I open the holotable or the character screen, my music changes. I don’t think I listen to the same music track for more than 4-5 seconds at a time as I move around the UI. It would be great to streamline some of this, so I can actually listen to the great music!

I think a great solution would be to remove the unique music from the holotables and menus and instead play the music for wherever you currently are (guilds, cantina, grand arena, etc.). That way if I’m setting up my grand arena teams, I can listen to the awesome main track the entire time.

Also, I would love to be able to customize what music we here. I miss that Mandalorian theme we had so much. ❤️

What does everyone else think?


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